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Auto Rental Anastasiadis Rental Terms:

Driver’s License: The driving license of the driver must be issued at least 12 months prior to rental.

Method of Payment: prepayments may be done through 3 ways:

  • credit card via bank transaction system in bank environment
  • Paypal payments
  • Bank transfer payments within 3 working days or if the car pick up is within 5 working days 1 working day payment sending us the receipt of the bank deposit in our email

Renter’s Age: Renter and driver must be at least 21 years old at the date of car pick up.

Traffic Violations: The renter assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines.

Late arrival: In case the renter is late, Auto Rental Anastasiadis guarantees car availability for maximum 2 hours after the pick-up time entered in the booking except if the rental customer has informed us via email or bu phone sending us also a sms or email for the delay. If he has not informed us and after this time, the reserved vehicle may be released to another customer. Auto Rental Anastasiadis recommends the customer to enter the flight number when booking the car. If the customer is delayed, Auto Rental Anastasiadis will meet all scheduled flights but if the rental start during out of office hours then the Out of Hour’s Service fee will apply (20 euros plus 24% taxes).

Kilometres& Charges: All car rentals include unlimited kilometers.

Cancellations: If you cancel the reservation 60 days before car pick up date the payment is refunded with a reservation fee of 10 euros for Greek People and 20 euros for non Greek residences including VAT concerning workload fee of our employees and interbank charges. For cancellations later and up to 30 days before car pick up, 50% of the total amount of reservation will be refunded and you will be given a tax receipt in your email. For cancellations within 30 days from the date of car pick up, the total amount of the reservation is withheld and a tax receipt is sent to your email. If you do not agree with these terms, do not proceed with the reservation.


Third Party Cover, also known as: Motor Liability Insurance, Legal Liability Insurance

What’s covered?
Covers third parties in case of death or body injuries, including passengers (except the driver of the Auto Rental Anastasiadis vehicle), when using the Auto Rental Anastasiadis vehicle, up to the legal limits per person per accident and material damages to third parties up to the legal limits per accident

What’s not covered?
Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle, Death or injury to the driver, Damage to the rental vehicle.

Cost is included in the price.

For extra or full insurance, contact before the reservation Auto Rental Anastasiadis.

Auto Rental Anastasiadis Products and Services

Out of Hour’s Service: If the customer wants to pick-up a car during out of office hours, he must request this at the time of reservation. The charge for out of hour’s service is €20 plus 24% VAT. 

Additional Driver: No charge for each additional driver, if they are announced at the pick up time.

Baby Seats: Baby seats are available, upon request, at the time of reservation. The charge for this service is by agreement.

GPS: GPS is available upon request at the time of reservation. The charge for this service is by agreement.

Snow Chains: Snow chains are available, upon request, at the time of reservation.

Non Show Charges: If the customer does not pick up the car, a non-show fee for the full amount of the reservation will apply.

Incident Report Fee: In case of an accident or traffic violation fine, there is a non-refundable fee of €100, excluding VAT, to cover administration expenses, irrespectively of renter’s liability.

Auto Rental Anastasiadis Fuel Policy

Customer brings back the car as he received it.

Customer Obligations: The customer is obliged to supply the vehicle with the appropriate fuel being responsible for any damage which will be caused due to inappropriate fuel. To check the oil engine filling such as the water filling. To respect the traffic laws. To take care of the vehicle during the lease. To use the vehicle according to its use. Not to rent or give the vehicle to third persons. To inform immediately Auto Rental Anastasiadis in case of traffic accident or any damage of the vehicle or other problem.

The above can be modified by different aggrement.

The Court of Thessaloniki is qualified to solve every disagreement which may arise from that agreement.